Let them or him waste their time this is not a site for racist war fare dont respond to him or them take or site back black boycott rocco and them a.k.a. LOL. Dwayne Cross does have a point, you Dumb Anonymous Blood Nigger. You also cannot even write a coherent sentence. Theirs is a culture that treats hygiene as a sin, and now we let them wash our dishes and cook our food? Carnell U Dub 5 Snell was laid to rest today. Street Life. On Rikers Island I fought and earned respect when I told c.o dude had the bruises on his face already and was actually one of the coolest people to me, instead of being a rat like he assumed. The ECC are allies of all Neighborhood Crips like Rollin 40s, Rollin 50s, Rollin 60s, Rollin 90s,and Rollin 100s Neighborhood Crips. Nh89EC 897, FUCK CRABS NIGGER KILLERS BIG BAD AZZ FLORENCIA 13 niggers be droping on this side of town like frys. The Grape Street Watts Crips is a Crip subset based in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles. Grape Street Crips and East Coast Crips Battling in L.A. fuCC you (roCCo),and the Rollin 60 Crips probably got like 8,000 hard Core gang members.Naw Cut on some foe real shit the Rollin 60 CrKxpKs got like 1,500 hard Core gang members,there Crip hood is still one of the few gangs deep enough and strong enough to deal wit all the sureno gangs (Honkey!!!!!!). YEAH LOW EARS MOTHER FUCKERS. Hwyy gangg 9300 GangSta Disciples. Rocco whyyou dont answer the question lets unite white&black lets take our country back deport all the wetbacks what do you say? 6), The most active Blood gang in Los Angeles history | Streets & Scholars (EP52), Madd Ronald explains why he accepted a 5-year deal in Georgia RICO case (EP46), County jail & Tory Lanez, Dr. Dre sues Majorie, robber does last robbery | Streets & Scholars (EP48), Can African immigrants and Black Americans work together? The East Coast Crips are currently engaged in a racial war with a Mexican-American street gang known as the Florencia 13. Urban Empire I.E. Your just a bitch with no life i see. Rollin 40s Avalon Gangster Crips Nobodys fighting over Race. Because America is better than shithole Mexico, right Pancho? WHUTT CITY IS ITT IN??? The Coast is the 2nd biggest Crip gang after the 60s who got atleast 6,000+members.FACTS!! You are the dumbest most ignorant Nigger on this whole United Nigger kill Nigger Blog. Its the Niggers that are always fighting and killing each other because they are on a lower level of Evolution, look like Monkeys, and act like animals. This is America, not some sewer of a neighborhood in Tijuana. Mexicans may well be the evolutionary missing link. Sometimes, you have to fight fire with fire in order to get results. Your racial comments shows you dont even need to be in these types of convos Even people that are not in gangs rape steal and Murder dumbass But it is your computer and you can type what you want lol keyboard Warrior lol ..62ecnhc out #UchieGang. DAMM ROCCO YU LIL BITCH YOU SPENT YOUR CHRISTMAS ON THIS SITE??? THIS BITCHASS CRACKER FUCK LUVS THE HOOD.. KEEP POSTN LIL BLACK WANNABEE!! Cheese toast killer all cheese killer putos fuck lil skull 187, That Mexican Klan fagg is talking way to much One comment good enough It aint even about race f13 have close black homies Its mostly nothing but love out here Its the ones at home that try to be all nigger k . LMAO. Fuk you bitch ass mexicans fuk flowers blood i fucked all your mexican bitches they love this dick i run down they throat fuk you dirty ass mexican niggas, FUCK EASTER ROCKIES LOL OUPS EASTER CHOONIES VARRIO MKN 13 47ST DTLS CGS NOS LTS DKS CLIK GDALW PALMDALE WE NIGGER KILLAS N CK BK FUCK ECCK N DEY SIX FAGG SOCAL PACK A PACK OF BITCHES IS WAT U IS BITCH CK MEXICKAN 13 KLAN GANG SURENOS TRECE, Lol lying ass fucken dirty as nigger go get a job fucken crack baby NIGGER KILLER FLORENCIA 13 Rifa, fuc flowers we was the frist to blast f13kkk 59 dont asked where we at come ecccc us in the h59d foe death doe 59 crip ecip Ne9 tiny dray tiny locs free the TUGk, FUCK SLOBS TO BITCH WITH THE REAL NIGGER KILLAS ON SOUTH CENTRAL MAP N ALL L.A FUCK TWEENKIES DIRUS N TRIMS VARRIO EVIL SIDE LA MEXICAN KLAN XIII PUTOS U WELFARE TRIXX MF GET A LIFE PUNCK CHAVALA, Knoc it off if yall remember them fklowers was in the 89s even had a h66d Knoc yall ass off the map flowers are snitches gettin on the stand cuz they know we goin blow i b in yall h66d dissin the fuc out of yall yall just looc like the lil pussies yall are all yall do is tag like pussies I walked around yo h66d yall dont press shit unless its like 5 of yall come 2 my h66d you gettin popped up yall know thats why yall come on that sneaky shit East Coast were its fkuc the fklowers 4 death doe we put fklowers in the ground were they suppose 2 b EC , Big bad ass f13 gang six nine. These days you drive down Staples Mill Road and there are all these Spanish stores. A 2018 SMS TV documentary on the Bloods. Tell that to the Niggers I helped put in Jail 4 Months ago. -Loc Town Crips Southside Stockton Crips. READ ALSO: DEA maps show where . Shit well in the case of race Im seeing whites killn whites to so wats that craccer on craccer violence cuz? A lot of Coast hatred comes from back in the days. La Raza Folkz- they were a Mexican Chicago gang that was in Houston south west side in the 90s they were cliqued up with BDs and GDs forming the folk alliance down here in Houston. Isnt there some Aaryan site you can troll? Do you own your own house? Fuck Ckheese Toast Ckrabz Fuck Tacko Wetbackz MEXICKAN KILLA! Theyre not my father. These dirty beaners will steal your hubcaps in a heartbeat and sell your sister to some donkey show in Tijuana. 1972, Los Angeles, CA . Now they come here and the whining liberals say they are not criminals, and that they are undocumented or some such bullshit. AT LEAST DWAYNE KNOWS HIS PARENTS. Did you ever go to School at least ONE God Damn day in your life?? They and feud with gangs under the Gangster Crips (3X) umbrella. From one black man to a brown brotha from another mother. golden AVE .chestnut ave. Virginia way AVE . LMAO EY MONKEY SHITE 13 SEROTE SALVADORENO MUGROSO ARNT U A WETBACK TO LMAO LOOK AT UR SELF CHAVALA DONT EVEN SPEAK BOUT BANGING CUHS UR LAME ASS HOMIE PELON IS A BIG TIME BITCH U LEVAS ARE ON THE MEXICKAN KLANS BLACK LIST FOR TALK N DISRESPECTING THE KLAN SO STFU SEROTE MUGROSO KE ERES MAS MOJARA KE TU PUTA MDRE Y CHINGA TU MADRE FUCK MIERDA SECA N TOAST CHUMPS 187 MSK HGCK BGCK AGCK HXFK PBSK HPSK FAMK XV3K ZXRK GBZK PFK BK CK NK 14K ATCK KCGK 36K ANYBODY KILLA, fuck fiorintinas dirtteens they faggots cause eccs got an injuction and if they come back strong the fiorintinas will run like little bitches its all bout east coats crips and grape street so fuck all beaners and you too im a chicano who dont think like a beaner, BITCH U AINT CHICANO AN U JUST A CLAIMER LIKE THE REST OF DIS SUCKAS RIGHT IN THIS SHITE BWT U LEVA AINT EVEN A PORCH MONKEY UR PROLLY A MOMMAS BOY U FUCK DUMB FUCK UR PROLLY A BEANER TO SO BEST BELIEVE TO STFU CUS IF I FIND UR CHAPETE LOOKN ASS UR GONNA BE THE FIRST ONE TO GET BLASTED PUTO PURO VARRIO MEXICKAN KLAN 13 GANG LOS CRAZY GANGSTERS CLIKA FUCK U WANA BE PINCHI BUSTER CHUNTARO PUTO MARICA, EAST SIDE COAST CRIP..62STR!T.FLUXX FUCC ALL GUMSk, w/s 12.9 ATHENS PARK BLOODS YB- TOASTK, RICE KRISPIEK, CHICKENK, STARVERK, FLEEJAYK, BOOTYWHOLEK, 1 FRENCH FRIEK, ATFK, PERVERTK, SNOTK CRABKILLAZ FUCCK TOAST & THEY DEAD HOMIES FUCK NAPS ON THE H129D KATCH YALL BITCHES BLIPPIN RIGHT THERE ON IMPERIAL & AVALON TODAY! Im Chicano Ive been in and out of prison and so what? Youre counting A LOT of mere associates who may KNOW some of those guys or hang around with them occasionally because they live in the same neighborhood. Hey. THEY BROKE THE FUCKING LAW YOU LEFTIST HIPPIE FUCKS! Nice thought, but WILL IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. FUCK MEXICKANZ FUCK WETBACK WHORES 10 babies per family dirty ass stank Tijuana AIDS Chiclet Mothafuckaz and thats on PIRU SUWOOP CK 13K SURRATK MEXICANK=MKget ACKTIVE NIGGA. And anyone that throws insults and shit back n forth on internet thats corny. Most real one have nothing but love .. Shit happens thought Hoods that press nk Still fuck with blacks Hard to understand Even ecc aint all the way rasist They both just act like it , Fuck. As far as putting in work in another way thats a different category and sadly to say it comes with the territory of gangbanging but thats not the only thing gang members do thats just what the media shows to regular people. Rather fight and die than snitch. this PUNKBITCH still lives with his mommy! The Nigger is a Jealous Animal with an INFERIORITY COMPLEX. The creation of the Eastside 62 Street Crips around 1974, spawned the alliance now known as the East Coast Crips. @Rocco suck a dick on ECNH62 But that dude rocco gets zero respect. yall arguin and hatin and on that race tip its for the birds. 1 R.I.P. LMAO LMAO.. YU REALLY HV NO LIFE CHRISTMAS?? LMAO I THOUGHT YOU WAS GOING TO RIP HIS THROAT OUTT NOW YOU COSIGNING FOR THE FAKE NIGGER!! like yourself,you also foegot to mention that I also got kiCCed out of 4 neighborhoods or n-hoods so far and I plan to get kiCCed out of a lot of other n-hoods my (NIGGEr!!!!!!) What the fuck is that about? I know it wont change over night but black and brown need to quit with all this racist shit man. REAL TALK dwayne GROW UP!! Coast to coast 190 east coast cuzz yall dont wont it wit us. Rumors of The Hoovers involvement in Raymond Lee Washington's murder spread through out Los Angeles. That is the Number 1 reason why you Niggers all hate each other. That fool is a fucken lame chicken shit muthafucker i wound put hands on that lop so quick that he wouldnt know what hit him and all hes gonna do is call the cops because thats what cowards do.. FUGC CHESSE TOAST CUHZ SS.EVIL GANGSTA CRIPK GANG CUHZ YUNG LOC SQUAD BK EK THEY CALL ME BK EAZY BKITCH TOAST BKASHING FUC CRIPS FUCIN SLOB ASS CRABS. Its not like they lost their papers or passport, you assholes. YO YO YO WHITE DUDE HERE I DONT KNOW WHAT ALL THIS YELLING IS ABOUT BUT IT SOUNDS STUPID AS FUCK. Dr Martin Luther King and Cesar Chavez are probably rolling around in there graves when they see how these gang members are destroying there communities! The East Coast Crips are not a specific street gang but an alliance of several different gang identities in Los Angeles County in three different jurisdictions. 2 City of the 187 DVD, L.A. Street Life Vol. Soft as NERF niggas aint got shit on that big bad EAST SIDE BUENA PARK 13 DEMONS GANG! NOBODY BELIEVES SHITT YOU SAY dwayne YOU ALREADY BEEN EXPOSED AS A FRAUD ASS BULLSHITTN MAKE BELIEVE STORY TELLING LIAR!! Why? TAKE A GOOD LOOK IN THE MIRROR THEN TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT YOUR UGLY ASS MEXICAN MOTHER AND FATHER AND ALL OF THE OTHER SHIT SMELLING MEXICAN MOLESTING FUCKS THE YOU WILL SEE THAT ALL OF YOU MOTHER FUCKERS ARE DEFORMED. But its not. NhEC NhxBC CIX PACC COAST GANG SEWERAT BASHIN! Thats all you think about all day long. fuCC you anonymous,and thanks foe stating the obvious Captain obvious yeah I did put a k by a whole lot of hoods that you probably dont know the meaning of anyway and I got 4 easy questions foe you Watt does iCK mean? Be productive or creative just do something trust me 40 comes around faster than you can count and soon youll be like a lot of us, 2 strikes no job, no home, no family and no one to help you so you go back to the pen man fuck all that shit life is too good to waste it on bangin over a fuckin color or area you dont even own. We welcome anyone and everyone bangers included. BST..13 .. FROM LONG BEACKH 562 ..HARBIR AREA!! The East Coast Crips are a bunch of nerds. What are we talking about here? Its basically a form a domestic TERRORISM. AT LEAST HE KNOWS HIS PARENTS. The East Coast Crips are enemies of all Sureno Gangs such as the Florencia 13 (Peace Treaty), South Los 13, and . People think gangs just hurt people and try to take advantage of people but thats not the case they look out for each other like a family and put in your work doesnt have to mean necessarily hurting somebody, that could be for doing something positive within the community to help the community or your family. Almost none of them are here legally. Black and Brown can live in peace together. The Six Pac East Coast Crips, consist of 62 East Coast Crips, 66 East Coast Crips,67 East Coast Crips,68 East Coast Crips, and the69 East Coast Crips. The following is a list of all the East Coasts sets in Los Angeles County. ),and I dont aCtually Care that you dont have no sperm in your balls or a limp diCC I just think that all the women who view this website deserve to know that very important faCt Cefore they get their self into a relationship wit a man who is only in his early 20s Cut still Cant have and get a hard on CeCause you have e.d. The entire hand forms an "E", while the middle finger and thumb form a "C". 62st. Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. AND YOU STUPID HONKEY MOTHER FATHER 2 GRANDPARENTS LEFT UNCLES AUNTIES COUSINS RELITIVES OUTT OF STATE PLAY COUSINS PLAY AUNTIES NEIGHBORS BITCH I GOTT ALL THAT!! Although it seems to be a problem in LA, Its happening in many different parts of the country. WHUTT HOOD YOU FROM DWAYNE?? Unread post by attila Sat Sep 08, 2012 8:15 am . fuCC you anonymous,and if your going to tell my story then publish the whole damn thing I also said I was going to piss all over his testiCles also you left that part out.And I would only piss on and nut on smittyrus testiCles 4rum the (so Called) view gang only to violate him,disrespeCt him,treat him less than a boy,treat him less than a woman,and treat him like a defenseless raped lil girl who just got raped by a man benCh pressing 500 pounds and leg pressing 1,000 pounds,and plus I would only piss and nut on his testiCles to mark my territory and let him know that he is my slave (NIGGEr!!!!!!) The 190 East Coast Blocc Crips territory stretches . December 31, 2002. This gang derived from Raymond Lee Washington's East Side Crips and was formed in the late 1960s. Its a fkr. Whats worse, the blacks or these filthy Mexicans? If you want to be in MY country than act like you belong in MY country. TLS.PQS.PWS.52ST LB BLVD.TWNS. east coast crip territory mapwhen will lego diagon alley be back in stock. Dead Homies DVD, L.A. Street Life Vol. Rocco you are just gay, But it was one of these so called beautiful WHITE teeth Black Boys who killed your Nigger. Blood, Crip, Hoover, Piru, and Sureno gangs. east coast crip territory map. All the gangs are either with them or against them and even though ECC has many sets, if a hood beefs with one ECC set, they beef with all ECC sets. . Kiss your children. You sound jealous of him which is the BIGGEST FAULT of you Street Niggers. The Neighborhood Crips became prominent in 1979, after the feud between the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips and the Eight Tray Gangster Crips. Below them in Tier 2 are the Aryan Brotherhood, Bloods, Crips and Surenos. Im a 40 yr. old white man from Vermont and neutral. However, there isno evidence to support this theory. That all you Niggers can talk about all God Damn Day. Now me personally I have seen a few gang members with legitimate businesses give job, Start Community projects and just all-around help people in they Naybor62hood. The 190 East Coast Blocc Crips are known as one of the most hated gangs in Carson. junio 16, 2022 . By the early 1980s, nearly 30,000 gang members who repped either Crips or Bloods sets were now living in Los Angeles. The worst thing? Second, are the 59 East Coast Crips, which was founded on 59th Street and Hooper . I grew up in gang territory, and what you said has got to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard!!! 8gang. CK.CK.CK. Niggers kill Niggers every fucking day right now in 2016. You misspelled Angles and instead said Angels Youre just a plain fucking Idiot. NEVER HEARD OF YALL BUSTAS DEMON GANG LOL OKAY YEAH RITE..ESE KEEP HOPE ALIVE BITCH LOL BPT PIRU! I GOT A STUDDED BAT WITH NAME ALL OVER IT TO GO RIGHT UP YOUR ASS. A family that missed me and seeing kids grow up in visiting rooms or behind 2 inch plexiglass? You like your low-rent prehistoric culture? These disgusting shitbags say WE dont respect THEIR culture. But on some real shit fucc banging online or making racist comments. In fact it was the leaders of the African Tribes who SOLD the Niggers into Slavery to the White man. This is a people that would eat rotten meat off a dirt floor and you trust them to serve you clean, properly prepared food? You all need to grow the fuck up and get jobs and support you and/or your families. Quit lying to yourself you crabs didnt run nobody out you fucken niggers be getting smashed on half of you niggers moved out to long beach florencia 13 be giving you porch monkeys the blues & you know it. This is no country to be selling Goya products in. In the early 1990s the East Coast Bloods (also called the United Blood Nation) was established by prison inmates at Rikers Island, New York, and it became a significant presence, especially in New York City, where they outnumbered Crips. It became apparent that in jail we were all convicts and the enemy was the fuct up system. YOU FUCKN STUPID DUMMY LOL, Youre too SCARED to put down your Nigger Name for fear that other Niggers will find out about your faggot ass experiences in prison. East Coast Crips "Hit-up". LOL LOL LMAO YOU HAVE NO LIFE YU STUPID LIL PUNKASS ORPHAN DAMM BITCH LOL WHERE IS ALL THE RICH PECKERWOOD WHITE HOMO FRIENDS YOU GOTT??? OKAY RICKO NOW NOBODY CARES ABOUT 150 YEARS AGO. LOLTRY TO ENJOY LIFE MORE BITCH! You people have a big country down there, Frito Bandito. Get it. HIDING BEHIND A SCREEN. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing good about gangs!!! JEALOUSY. But do not give me any shit about you need to preserve your inconsequential failure of a culture. WHUTT HOOD YOU FROM NIGGER????? Its within his DNA. The 1980s were a prolific decade of expansion and diversification for the Bloods. Los Angeles County Gang Territory Map Los Angeles County Gang Territory Map by Alex Alonso An updated version of Blood, Crips and Hispanic gang territories are available. Low-riders up on blocks in the front yard. answer no.Are you jealous of me? Sometime in early May, they crossed paths. LMAO. Out. morgan county utah election results 2021 June 7, 2022 June 7, 2022 and thats on my Ks and my 3 Ks and on CripK.Yeah thats right I have been legally eviCted Cy 4 different land lords going to Court on me,You Claim that you are a trKee topK pKiru Cut when have you ever put in that wet work or done any dirt in your n-hood you Civilian ass (NIGGEr!!!!!!) Like Ive stated a hundred times PREVIOUSLY, the typical Nigger Family in the Ghetto is the most fucked up thing Ive EVER seen. Beach blvd and KINGMAN St. Buena park 714 BULLY GANGSTERS ESE. I will shit in the streets so it flows into the water supply and eat crap that Americans would not feed to farm animals. Under Siege. However, there are some East Coast Crips located outside of South Central, such as the 190 East Coast Crips (Carson, California) and the 1200 Blocc East Coast Crips (Riverside, California). Feb 24, 2022 35 Dislike Share Turf Activator 481 subscribers The West Coast Crips territory borders are Interstate 94 (North), Interstate 5 (South & West) & Interstate 15 (East). NOPE I SEE MY DAD AND GRANDPA ALL THE TIME AND MY GRANDFATHER FUCKED YOUR MOTHER TOO! I did my dirt and my time and for what? That should be an automatic health violation. Enjoy this life for it can end suddenly and abruptly. How about following the rules, Chico? But aye nobodys really from America anyways , every race is equal in my eyes even if two different race gangs are beefing. Its Nigger against Nigger. DWAYNE CROSS FAG MUTHA FUCK AND YES YOU IS GAY FOR SAYING SOME BULLSHITT (you will nuTT all over his testicals) FUCK YOU NIGGA I GOTTA SHARE THIS ONE WITH EVERYBODY!! Thats what your fucking GANG COMMUNITY IS, you stupid idiot. You dont EVEN KNOW WHO YOUR FUCKING PARENTS ARE, YOU STUPID NIGGER BASTARD. being the racial dividing line. We all have to live together one love one race human race. The murder of Bullard sparked a war that resulted in 26 wounded and 9 dead in the six weeks that followed. God gave this day to us. To the dude who wrote the paragraph on Aug 22 2016 at 5:07 pm you making me do something i thought id NEVER DOagree with Rocco!!! FLORENCIA TRECE AKA F13. That goes for all of you, please everybody, take care of yourselves. BLAH BLAH LOL YEAH RITE YOU FAG EVERYTHING YOU POST SOUNDS GAY (tuffguy) LOL WS TREETOP BPT PIRU 500 BLOcK BITCH! They are one of the largest African-American street gangs and Crip sets in Los Angeles. Shouts out to LAStrikeUps, LAC_StreetArt1, SanFernandoValleyHitups, and HoodlumSociety2, for many of the photos on Instagram. NO OTHER RACE IS AS UGLY AS A MEXICAN. As a result, the East Coast Crips severed ties with the Hoover Criminals (then known as "The Hoover Crips") and began an all out war which is still active til this day. Cant wait for that other Nigger to kill you.
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