Gone are the days of Serana using stuff you don't want her to use! It was not possible to disable the zombie spell without editing Serana's base NPC record, which is out of the scope of this mod (as to keep it compatible with all Serana Replacers). - Improvements to dialogue conditions for SDA Hangover commentary, - Backend script improvements with quest aliases, - Mjoll Banter will no longer occur outside of Riften, or when Mjoll is a follower, - Script improvements for scripting language of Alternate Voice toggle, - Backend script improvements for Radiant Love Quest. Fixed some redundant code. - Changed it so the negative response in the first romance conversation never truly cancels out romance. - Changed the cooldown of the radiant misc. - Fixed xEdit script property Warning Message (was previously harmless though). - Serana's House of Horrors commentary was still not occurring for some people. Also prevents NFF's tavern interactions from firing off during the "Date at the Bannered Mare" quest. Page 1 of 2 - About Serana Dialogue Add-on Mod - posted in Skyrim Special Edition Discussion: Hey so i have a quick question for you whos played with this fantastic mod. It seems to cause more problems and confusion than it's worth. Various fixes/improvements, in addition to a whole lot of new NPC interactions (both scripted and radiant) in Riften, Solitude, and Riverwood! Partial Revoice Lines for more vanilla conversations, - Talking about Serana's father (DLC1NPCMentalModelKillingDad). - Changed a line with the initial Mikael Banter to suit Serana's character more, - Adjustments to some radiant dialogue to only occur when Serana's relationship has been developed with the player, - Delayed most NPC banter (not followers) to only occur after "Beyond Death". Also, the Snuggly Serana mod is now rendered obsolete and incompatible with the release of the Campfire patch). - Fixed an incorrect master header for the patch. These spells are leveled, so as Serana levels up she will gain access to more powerful variants of these spells. Sometimes Serana will become fixated in a particular direction and continue to face that direction despite the player turning. - A bunch of dialogue conditions fixes, to have more conversations fire correctly and as intended. Just try to talk to her somewhat often, especially during the start of some main Dawnguard quests. - A Main Quest dialogue sub-branch was accidentally left under the "Top Level" flag. This also prevents dialogue from being tabbed out like before- the dialogue should be more continuous now. - Disabled SDA_SeranaRomance 11 (Date at the Bannered Mare) quest when it isn't currently running, - Changed the original recap line starter and added a new one for more consistency with the Dawnguard questline plot and the players chosen side. - Serana's Necklace of Vivacity now has custom meshes and textures! The player can choose to delay this too, in case they need Serana for a quest or just want her to stick around for a bit longer. You can set adventure, home, and city outfits, which she will automatically cycle between depending on the location she's in. This should act as a failsafe in case the game doesn't teleport Serana to you after you exit werewolf form for the first time. Some of these are scripted, as to add to and grow Serana's character development in relation to to other characters, but some of them are radiant (which means the conversations are rather inconsequential and can randomly occur). This DOES NOT do anything like dismiss her. - "How does it feel to be a vampire line" no longer occurs if the player is a vampire too. - Added some missing scripts and flags that allowed the SDA Injured Commentary to be reset, having it function as a radiant commentary feature, as originally intended, - Added more Alternate Voice flags to existing dialogue, - Fixed some staticy sounds with existing dialogue lines, - Removed more redundant records from earlier versions of the mod, - Improvements to quest commentary fragment scripts, - Serana radiant drink sessions functionality. An expansion of Serana's dialogue and NPC features to make her a more immersive follower. On top of knowing if the player has a vanilla home, I'd also like to add support for modded homes as well. There were some files incorrectly archived. Anyone who wants to disable and toggle Serana's raise zombie spells will need to download this new patch, and if they use Serana replacers, make their own patches via xEdit. Copyright 2023 Robin Scott. She will then call the player by their custom name! - Tweaked conditions for "A Night to Remember" commentary to ensure the first commentary line fires off, - Tweaked conditions for some radiant romance lines to not occur if the player isn't in the mood for touchy-feely stuff, - Tweaked conditions for one of her scripted MQ commentaries to hopefully not occur while Delphine is speaking, - Tweaked dialogue fragment scripts in Serana's Forgotten Vale romance quest, so that her final dialogue lines would fire off properly, - Fixed conditions Serana's quest commentary for Discerning the Transmundane to only occur while that quest is running, - Added in missing voice greets from the previous Radiant Update, - Added in dialogue improvements to the SDA_SeranaRomance4 conversation. Fixes to a lot of commentaries for the College of Winterhold and Dark Brotherhood not playing. Non-married, but boyfriend/girlfriend players can still experience future quests like Trust or the Bannered Mare date, just with minor tweaks and changes to dialogue to accomodate whether or not the players have chosen to marry Serana. - The game now notifies the player (through a small message at the top left of the screen) whenever Serana wants to talk to the player (for quest commentaries mainly). This should help reduce Laura Bailey and Kerstyn voice overlap, at least for the radiant stuff. - Tweaked existing dialogue cool-downs to prevent them from being spammy, - A lot of radiant world commentary on various locations, from animal dens and bandit camps, to even military barracks, - Commentary on Discerning the Transmudane. - Added in delays for radiant love greets/dialogue/commentary. Previously they were able to, and Serana turned hostile as a result. - Fixed a bug with the "Determination" dialogue quest trigger. topic, - Added quest condition to Serana's feeling good line, - A "What's On Your Mind?" - Backend functionality improvements to the "A Date at the Bannered Mare" quest to ensure it runs more smoothly. I felt in vanilla, that conversation was cut short. - Moved Blackreach/Alfthand commentary from "Elder Knowledge" quest to "Seeking Disclosure" in case the player hadn't done that quest yet while looking for the Dragon Elder Scroll, - More Alfthand commentary when visiting for the first time, - Moved dialogue branch for "Whats on Your Mind?" - Over 10 new romance conversations (and over 260 new dialogue lines) with Serana over the course, and after the Dawnguard questline. - Removed dialogue cooldown for Serana recap dialogue. first, - Added conditions for "Can I talk to you a bit" to not appear in dangerous locations like caves and nordic ruins, - Adjusted volume on audio files that were too quiet, - Increased audio levels in some lines that were too quiet, - Added more radiant hello dialogue (for weather conditions and when in player homes), - Added temple location keyword to High Hrothgar so Serana could properly recognize it as a temple, - Added Main Quest dialogue from the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller quest to Diplomatic Immunity. - Expanded existing "What's on Your Mind" dialogue with new voice lines, - Tweaked Harkon recap player dialogue choice to be more about him exclusively and less about Serana's family, - Added extensive recap dialogue with Serana about her family (both her relationships with Harkon and Valerica), - Added more radiant commentary dialogue to caves/dungeons. Volkihar side coming later. - Reduced radiant love dialogue frequency by another 10%, - Removed "Stay away from my girlfriend/boyfriend" lines, Version 2.5, The Radiant Update Redux Changelog. - Forgot to generate SEQ (Start Game Enabled Quest) file with the last release. 3. You can tell Serana to never equip it at all, or only to equip it if it's daytime and she doesn't have any other headgear. - The Markarth and Morthal conversations were mixed up. So if she gets lost, or you just need her in a jiffy- Serana can pop right to your location (though, she does get a bit nauseus when teleporting (similar to Geralt from The Witcher games) so do be careful! - Partial implementation of killmove commentary, - Tweaked conditions on humming idles not to occur while the player is sneaking, or dungeon-delving. - Implementation of the DDAF (Dynamic Dialogue Animation Framework) || It is now implemented in the College of Winterhold, Whats on Your Mind, and "Can I Talk to you for a bit?" PLEASE heed this advice as if you don't, you might run into some weird and annoying wonkiness. - Completely redid revoice implementation. - Implementation of NPC Interaction Framework. - Initial patch release. This will allow the normal Vanilla Skyrim marriage options using the amulet of Mara. Sticking with the Dawnguard-side NPCs for now, this first implementation should highlight my design philosophy for future NPC interactions. - Changed debug notification of Flower Girls install to say Flower Girls SE, to properly represent the Special Edition version. If you already completed "A New Covenant" on your current save, you won't be able to play through this quest. ), and "Tale of the Tongues" from the vanilla game. - Serana no longer drinks a blood potion (visibly) if she is not following the player. As an NPC, Serana is more intelligent and has many new follower features. [Content Additions] (350+ Total New Lines in this Update!). - Auri Banter. You can check her out here! The commentary quest should already be restarted and you can check if it's up and running correctly with "sqv SDA_SolstheimCommentary". if you have Skyrim Special Edition you use SE (Special Edition) mods on nexus , if you have Skyrim Legendary Edition you use LE (Legenday Edition) mods on the nexus , i dont think there is LE version for "serana dialogue addon" , so make sure of that foremost , then you get load order when you manage multiple mods trough a Mod Manager like MO2 (Mod Organizer 2) this way you have multiple mods . You can now teach her spells (from a select list of vanilla spells). - A new romance mini-quest for players who have chosen to elope with Serana. - The disclaimer message has been changed to a small notification on the top left of the screen. If you're planning to experience the Solstheim side quests, it's advisable to install this update on a save where you haven't traveled there yet. Type "stopquest SDA_SolstheimCommentary" in the console. Dark Brotherhood faction awareness and quest commentary. Nearly 300 new voice lines. - Fixed conditions for Skuldafn commentary, - Sofia should no longer speak to Serana while she is unconscious in the Whiterun stables (this, although rare, sometimes happened in my own testing), - Serana and Jarl Balgruuf should no longer talk to each other while each of them are in separate dialogue scenes, - Previous messageboxes that set up the "Trust" conversation were removed, as they detracted from the role-play experience. The patch has been completely redone (new records and new patch name), so just to be on the safe side you should start a new game with it/a game that hasn't had a Lustmord patch installed. . - Added dialogue to disable candlelight and some cloak spells (Frost, Lightning, Whirlwind). - Completely redone Serana "What's your opinion on" dialogue with new lines voiced by the new VA, Kerstyn Unger! - Alduin bug was fixed previously but delayed. - New trading dialogue. -Tweaked alias fill conditions for SDA_NPCBanterMain quest, to make sure it fires off properly and correctly. LL version still to come. She no longer gets cured immediately, but only 24 hours after (after "thinking about it"). - Revoice of some remaining combat grunts/final radiant dialogue. - Some backend changes to ensure some of the Main Quest dialogue fired off correctly, and at the right times. - Removed accidental ITM/Serana NPC record edit. - Disabled two Laura Bailey combat lines that were already revoiced. If Serana isn't close to you yet, you won't hear any MQ commentary at all. Regardless, Serana will not want to go in that house at any cost because of Molag Bal's history with her family. topic, so as to not clutter up Serana's main dialogue window. You do not need to romance Serana for this. Serana's radiant love and drinking buddies forcegreets will no longer occur if she is not following the player. Whether or not you'd like to ultimately rest or continue adventuring is up to you, the player. - Added optional Amorous Adventures patch (for both Clean and Flower Girls versions). Integrated patch for the BDO Ram Horn Witch Armor ([SE] DM BDOR Ram Horn Witch by Rektas & Xing, Team TAL | Team TAL on Patreon). I originally kept her sneezing (even as a vampire) to help her more relatable and "human" but now it just doesn't make much sense. If you have more questions or would like to know more, please visit my website! - Serana cooking home-cooked meals for you. - Cure Dialogue Rewrite + Expansion. Note: This does not mean that SDA's Serana is being rewritten to be vanilla+. - Main quest dialogue until "Dragonslayer" (Post Main-Quest dialogue coming later), - Serana commentary on player lycanthropy, - Tweak to dialogue conditions on Serana hurt dialogue. - These occur for every single Dawnguard quest Serana does with you (from Bloodline to Kindred Judgement, barring the side-quests after Bloodline for each Dawnguard side). Also rewrites of player dialogue for some of that conversation, Choosing the rejection response no longer disables Serana Romance and Serana Friendship. - Added Serana's brief commentary on Skyrim's factions. - Tweaked conditions in Winterhold radiant dialogue to only occur in the Winterhold city, and not the Winterhold hold. Serana radiant interactions with many new NPCs. Serana will now feel even more responsive and alive during your adventures! Additionally, messages will be displayed on screen indicating that Serana is guarded at the start, and the player needs to either spend more time with her or talk with her more to get her to open up. Edits out some of the dialogue Serana Dialogue Edit adds, as to not thematically conflict with the additions my mod makes to similar dialogue branches (currently Hellos and Combat Idles). I do this via efficient polling scripts to make sure the spells stay removed and aren't added back by the vanilla Serana leveling script. - Added in a timer quest that controls relationship variables with Serana. - Added in missing dialogue link for the "Friendship" conversation, which previously ended earlier than I intended. This should hopefully help with problems some users have been experiencing. A lot of the underlying code has been overhauled, so I don't recommend you install this particular update on an existing save. (PC only, due to how detecting player dialogue status is an SKSE function), - Serana should get irritated less often now when you bump into her while sneaking. (Full release TBD on Apple Music/Spotify/other streaming services). - The bugfix of the previous 1.9.5 patch created another bug, which prevented the Bannered Mare quest from progressing from a certain point. 2. However, if that isn't possible and you want to continue using a save where you've already been, do this workaround: 1. Serana Dialogue Add-On is highly acclaimed and also featured in Forbes magazine. Serana Dialogue Add-On is highly acclaimed and also featured in Forbes magazine. - New Radiant dialogue. As an NPC, Serana is more intelligent and has many new follower features. - Reimplemented radiant hello dialogue, in a similar manner to what I did with Whats on Your Mind?. There's still a whole lot I can do with Serana Dialogue Add-On (including stuff I've pushed back, like the Lost to the Ages commentary). After this update, NFF (and any follower framework support for Serana) will be obsolete. - Added commentary on dragons returning. Just speak to Serana (as long as you know the spell) and you can teach it to her right away. This change was done to make sure everything was better paced. This means that SDA will already include many quality of life or bugfixes for Serana as a follower. The progression of this content is almost entirely experienced through dialogue with Serana along the Dawnguard journey. - Repurposed existing SDA conversations ((Stories on the Island, Shop, "How does it feel to be a vampire" dialogue) for Drinking Buddies- you can now talk to Serana about these topics through the Drinking Buddies feature! The friendship requirement stays the same. This is based on a real-life study by the University of Kansas (https://news.ku.edu/2018/03/06/study-reveals-number-hours-it-takes-make-friend), - Decreased likelihood for romance-related combat lines to occur, - Increased cooldown for radiant greets by 33%, - Now dialogue options that lead to kissing/romance scenes are bluntly indicated (i.e. It wasn't occurring at all in previous versions due to a buggy condition. - Script fixes for SDA Player Background Dialogue (some didn't correctly set the quest stage), - Marked Ysolda as essential as I need her alive for the Bannered Mare quest, - Improvements to Lockpick Commentary Script, - Fixes with Radiant Commentary for DG Quests (both sides). Serana Dialogue Add-On 3.0 Release! Serana will only give gifts within towns/cities. Hey guys, Author of the Serana Dialogue Add-On mod here. Big Update! This mod is opted-in to receive Donation Points. You have been warned. I haven't gotten that to work yet, so you'll have to dismiss her yourself. This should prevent Serana talking to NPCs pretty far away, or in a different room, - Some line corrections for SDA Romance Ancestor Glade conversation, - Added more alternate voice toggles, improving the overall VA transition experience. (I'm adding this for more immersion, since Serana is a vampire and would need to feed every now and then, but I'm not allowing her to feed on the player. - Backend script and quest design improvements for Serana Romance 4-9. Now there's a voiced conversation behind it, and an in-game reason why it's in place. Sneeze/Yawn toggle is now only available she's become cured. In a future update, this will be re-implemented. - The player gets a bonus perk for completing these talks, so there's both an incentive for it, RP, and game wise! - Added conditions for some of Serana's radiant dialogue to only occur if she likes the player romantically, - Made the facial animations for some dialogues more expressive. Mod support from mods like Apocalypse is eventually planned, so stay tuned for that! New voice acting with Kerstyn's voice as well as more extensive commentary on this armor. - More subtitle fixes, courtesy of GuerillaTech. Improvements to dialogue scene AI packages, Improvements to Radiant Hello Timings (should be more varied and less spammy). - Serana should no longer comment on how nice the player's house is when the player is in Hjerim and "Blood on the Ice" is currently running, - Made one of the DLC1RNPCGeneralHello lines use the proper voice line, - Replaced the initial "Can I Talk to You for a bit?" - More radiant dialogue, occurring at either sunrise or sunset. Keeping 'I'll find us a table' since that's generally more reliable and doesn't rely on Serana's follower AI. - Added AlternateVoice flags to dialogue which was previously missing it. This is in line with the dialogue design choice for Serana (as at least during Dawnguard) Serana's non-radiant conversations were always able to be accessed by the player at any given time, given the natural dialogue conditions are met. - Camilla, Orgnar, and Delphine (considering she's still an innkeeper), - Why Serana speaks so casually for a royal vampire, - Serana asking the player questions about their character's goals in life (mainly for the player's role-playing), - Serana being reacquainted with the current world, - Tweaked conditions for some of Serana's radiant greets to occur after earlier on in the Dawnguard questline, - Some backend implementations to ensure Serana doesn't hum when the player is in dialogue with other NPCs (requires SKSE), - Fixed a problem with Serana's dialogue firing off in one of the Sorine scenes, - Added proper AI packages for Lisette and Taarie conversations. * Even with that considered, this mod will still continue to be developed and updated with a plethora of new content in the future. She will say yes or no depending on whether she's good with it or not. And this is not just your typical follower commentary- SDA's quest awareness will be so in-depth, feature-complete, and well-timed, that you would have thought Serana was actually a part of these quests (and didn't just comment on an aspect or two of them on the side). New Save/Game not required for 3.0 if upgrading from Version 2.9 already, After this update, more NFF features will be obsolete. - Added in another condition to the Alternate Voice switching script- turns out I forgot Chasing Echoes also took place in the Soul Cairn, not just Castle Vokihar, - Fixed radiant love dialogue not appearing for some, - Added in some more failsafes to ensure Companions commentary runs more smoothly, - Fixed Serana not being able to train you in Speechcraft, - Moved all Serana's goodbye lines into one consolidated branch under a new data quest entry.
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