Payroll Management

Conquer the Payroll Chaos with our Customized Services

We can run the complete payroll management of your organization in detail and with ease. It will help you focus on your core job and giving the mundane activity of running payroll to us. We can accommodate complex calculations of Income Tax, Employee Benefits, Reimbursements, Provident Fund reports, Professional Tax reports, ESI reports etc. Get the complete pay slip which includes Pay Category Details like Salary Code, CTC, Variable, Fixed, Professional Tax and type of salary (Earning/Deduction). Also get reports of employees’ expenses and other claims like fuel, medical, LTA, etc., in just few clicks.

Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Tracking System Services

We provide applicant tracking system (ATS) is a cost effective and simple way to reach more qualified candidates. You can track, share, and evaluate the applicant's information. Our applicant tracking system can work hand in hand with your HR software. You can post job openings and create hiring teams to collaborate on candidates. Our ATS allows you to move quickly while staying organized through all phases of hiring.

Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Employee Self-Service (ESS) is an important feature of most of the modern HRMS. Employee self-service gives the autonomy to employees to manage many different human resources and job-related activity which otherwise would need a human resources personnel or management team to accomplish it. It works as an efficient tool that can help companies to save man hour costs and increase efficiency. Employee Self-Service Software empowers every employee to see and verify data related to self, like, checking approval status requests sent to various people and any other general data about the organization.

Employee Self-Service

Leave Management Services

Leave Management Services

Leave management encompasses the processes employees use to request time away from work. Supervisors will have the authority to grant or deny leave based on organization policies. Manually operating upon leave management can become a tedious task. We can run the procedures in a cost-effective manner without any errors.

Contract Management Services

We understand the process for managing and administering contracts and monitoring contractor performance. We offer project-based solutions supporting administrative and employee contracts. Project officer for personnel security administrative support contracts. You can monitor and describe the nature of work that needs to be accomplished in a contract.

Contract Management Services
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