Michelin-star eateries care not for trends such as athleisureor ripped denim. When I mentioned this dilemma to my colleague Jessica, she commented that when she worked for a down-market men's magazine a few years ago the editor wore a suit jacket with jeans and looked terrible. What Happens if Your Card Gets Declined at a Restaurant? Dress Code At Michelin-Starred Restaurants. Are Restaurants Required to Have Bathrooms? If you want to dress to impress at a Michelin star restaurant, go for a chic and sophisticated look. We know that memories are not constant, so I decided to document them and created this travel diary. Essex. If youre not sure what to wear, its always best to contact the restaurant directly and ask for their dress code. In fact, it is no surprise that the worlds top restaurants are rated three stars or higher. But he turned out to be even more Madam Whiplash about the subject than I was and said that mixing two different colours would make it look as if Anon had got dressed in the dark. You should expect your waitstaff to often be close by, enhancing your experience. Men, in particular, might be wondering what to wear when visiting a high-end eatery. The dress code in the workplace is undergoing an evolutionary shift, as are those in restaurants. I then asked our dapper Deputy Editor, Bill Prince, and his view is it always looks like a travel make-do - and, to be fair, that may be exactly what Anon had in mind. At Nobu Miami, Tanoshi hour (everyday, 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.) features half-priced cocktails and a five-dish bento box, which includes a variety of classic dishes, for a reasonable $40. And finally, the atmosphere at a Michelin star restaurant is usually pretty upscale. Lauren Beck is a Food Science & Technology graduate, born and raised in NYC, but lived in Japan for more than eight years. Now that you know what you have to look forward to, theres a lot you can do in advance to make the most of your dining experience. The food is stunning, with an emphasis on seasonal ingredients and traditional French cuisine. The casual, relaxed atmosphere of Nobu Miami. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. If you dont tip too much, dont feel embarrassed; anything less than 15% is considered inappropriate for fancy restaurants in Europe. Le Gavroche is about the only place that still enforces a dress code. Do Michelin Restaurants Have Dress Codes? In this way, we recommend letting the waiters help you choose your dishes ala carte.. These establishments include LAtelier Saint-Germain de Jol Robuchon in Las Vegas, Benu in New York City, and Atelier Crenn in San Francisco. Even though most restaurants dont outright forbid diners from wearing jeans, its not recommended. An overview of the meaning of the stars: Two stars: excellent cooking with the personality and talent of the chef evident in the dishes, Three stars: exceptional cuisine of chefs at the peak of their profession where cooking is elevated to an art form. What do you wear to a 5-star resort? We Need 5 Second More From You To Share this On Your nearby Circle. Most meals last at least two hours, and often three to four hours. The average meal at a Michelin star restaurant will cost around $100-$300 per person. There is no specific dress code for the event, but dress smart-casual and avoid anything that could be considered casual. 1-3 of 3 replies. Drinking and eating at the same time is the secret to magnifying the flavours of Japanese green teas. Women's business casual attire translates to skirts and elegant blouses or sweaters and dresses. If youre not sure what to wear to a Michelin star restaurant, read on for some tips. Of course, there are always exceptions to this rule. Discerning diners began to refer to the guide in the 1960s and 70s. Which Cities Have Michelin Star Restaurants Tokyo is the city with the highest concentration of Michelin star restaurants in the world, at 226 Michelin star restaurants in the capital of Japan. An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. Your. With the right pieces, you can look fashionable while still remaining respectful of the environment. The staff should be able to tell you what the dress code is and what they suggest you wear. The Michelin Guide, on the other hand, is more opaque about how it rates restaurants and how many stars they deserve. In a Michelinstarred or high level restaurant there are many "unpaid" extras. Remember, youre dining in an upscale setting, so youll want to dress accordingly. The 69-year-old has held Michelin's top three-star status since 2002 for his Monnaie de Paris restaurant- it overlooks the Seine and has a sister version in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. Nobu Miami also has a teppanyaki table, which is not available at all Nobus. Suits and Jackets The original Nobu restaurant debuted in New York City in 1994 as a partnership between Nobu Matsuhisha, from whom the brand takes its name, and a guy by the name of Robert De Niro. Womens business casual attire translates to skirts and elegant blouses or sweaters and dresses. Avoid any over-the-top or loud fashion statement. Looks can be deceiving, especially with a dish featuring one delicious layer after another. Flip-flops, shorts, and T-shirts that expose your feet are not permitted. If youre not sure what to wear, its always best to ask the restaurant in advance. Elevate your look with dressier cufflinks, ties and jewelry. A casual and elegant spirit. Salted drinks help replenish lost salts during extreme heat conditions. Standards do not require a holiday or weekend, but they do require regular attendance on weekends and Saturdays. I am not a solo backpacker, so I always try group travel. And don't forget to dress for the season . Michelin stars provide a wide range of fine dining options if you want to enjoy an unforgettable dining experience. How to respond to positive restaurant reviews? The restaurant offers a wide selection of raw wines, with several options to explore the local juices of the grape. Some even specify the type of clothing to be worn in their establishments. Contrary to what you might like to believe, the chef is not always at the restaurant. Going back is like opening a different door, Buckley said. While the . Despite the challenges that American restaurants face, a few have received three Michelin stars. However, if you are planning on dining for dinner, you will want to dress more formally. MICHELIN Guide Hotel experts share their most exciting discoveries for the week of February 27. And part of that experience is taking your time and savoring each course. According to Professor Buford May, all dress codes can go awry at times. Guy Savoy, a three-star Michelin restaurant in Paris owned by Gordon Ramsey, is the most expensive restaurant in the world. As the story goes, De Niro ate at Matsuhishas restaurant in Los Angeles (called Matsuhisha) in 1987. It really all depends on the restaurant itself and what kind of food theyre serving. When it comes to fine dining, there is nothing like a Michelin Star restaurant. Suggested attire for men ranges from business casual dress of a classic button-down shirt to a formal suit. Continue with Recommended Cookies. How to file a discrimination complaint against a restaurant? Elevate your look with dressier cufflinks, ties and jewelry. It tends to be more experimental, with dishes coming and going based on seasonality. HI TRAVELLER Myself Ruma Dey Baidya. How to say goodbye in japanese restaurant? What Is Jack in the Box Specials Breakfast? A Michelin-star restaurant provides the best dining experience one can have. The Michelin Guide revealed its debut selection of restaurants in Dubai this June, with nine venues receiving one Michelin star and two honoured with two stars.. FDL+ 198 helpful votes. At the restaurant L'crin in Hotel de Crillon, the chef and the sommelier promise to "embellish tea with the finest menus possible". Finally, dont forget to accessorize. The Rules Decoded! The Michelin inspectors are anonymous, and their reviews are highly coveted and respected. 3. How to find food suppliers for a restaurant? Michelin restaurants charge 15% to 20% of the restaurant's bill for service and tipping. A visually stunning dish that's equally distinctive and flavorful. With that said, here are some specific suggestions of what to wear to a Michelin star restaurant. Its always better to err on the side of caution and be too dressy than not dressy enough. For Many Californians (and a Few Big-Name Chefs), Revival Roots is Helping from the Ground Up. Last summer, Gopinathan left Taj Campton Place, the San Francisco hotel's restaurant where he had spent 15 years and earned two Michelin stars, to focus on Ettan which opened in Palo Alto in . Many Michelin star restaurants will have their own website where you can find their contact information [1]. When in doubt, dress a little nicer. What Do You Wear to a Michelin Star Dinner? Men rarely wear ties or a suit to dine out, but a jacket may be ok. Ladies appropriate to match. Despite its high price, the hotel received numerous favorable reviews from travelers on Tripadvisor. Your email address will not be published. Whatever you wear, make sure it is comfortable and easy to move around in. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories, Question: I have been planning a weekend away in a chic European city with my girlfriend and reservations have been made at a Michelin-starred restaurant where they encourage the diner to "dress for the occasion". Thank you for signing up for our newsletter! Michelin commends these restaurants as . Another reason for the disparity in quality is that American restaurants are typically smaller, and they are more difficult to achieve the same level of service as the best restaurants in the world. After all, you dont want to stand out for the wrong reasons. With that said, here are some specific suggestions of what to wear to a Michelin star restaurant. To eat at what I heard was the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant in the world: a humble, family-owned Peranakan restaurant. Dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant requires more than just a reservation. Re: Acceptable dress code in Michelin star restaurants. Be prepared for attentive service. What Should I Wear To A Nice Steakhouse Woman? The wine scene in the Bay Area is leading the way in bringing voiceand flavorto new names in the industry. Whenever I got an opportunity, I never missed it. Dining attire can also have an impact on how you feel. It is not uncommon for a restaurant to earn three Michelin stars, but doing so is extremely rare. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Please note that the information you provide will be used solely for the purpose of this request. Depends on what you want. These are as follows: Jeans are categorized as casual clothing for all genders. They are all made of white linen, carefully . In many cases, Michelin-starred restaurants offer exceptional cuisine and excellent service. When deciding on an outfit for a Michelin star dinner, keep in mind the dress code of the restaurant. Some restaurants also ask for a credit card when booking, so think twice before you cancel at the last minute. Consistency of food between inspectors visits, Now that you know what you have to look forward to, theres a lot you can do in advance to make the most of your dining experience. And if youre lucky enough to be invited to one, youll want to make sure you look the part. Classic dishes are those that have been with Nobu since the beginning, and that are, in part, responsible for making the brand what it is today. In short, settle in and relax into a decadent, memorable evening. The Green Star is our newest award. Wonder whether one is expected to dress reasonably well for dinner. A nice watch or piece of jewelry can really help to finish off your look. How to get restaurant coupons in the mail? How Do You Store Small Appliances in a Small Kitchen. It is a requirement that everyone in the restaurant adhere to the restaurants dress code. Stumped on what to wear to a Michelin meal? Shroom for Improvement: 'Mamu' is the Meat Alternative with a Twist, FDL+ This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity. Why not elevate your time with a bit dressier attire? Most Michelin-starred restaurants have a dress code that requires guests to wear formal clothing and fine dining attire. Now what? C. Atlixco 105, Hipdromo Condesa, Cuauhtmoc, 06170 . Michelin. Have Salted Drinks. Were talking about some of the best restaurants in the world, including the three establishments mentioned above. Rest assured that the chef has your experience in mind and has thoughtfully paced the courses and wine pairings for your benefit. Inspectors Omakase is designed to suit the guest. Michelin - star eateries care not for trends such as athleisure or ripped denim. Be upfront about your dining history and preferences, then sit back and trust your waiter. So, they created a guide for those in search of good food on road trips. More formal dress rangesfrom pantsuits or formal black dresses. Theyre usually pretty pricey, too. The Michelin guide is a prestigious annual publication that rates restaurants around the world. Flora Tsapovsky investigates. If youre receiving table service, you might want to think about rounding the bill up to the nearest euro. Nobus omakase menu - which translates to trust us - is designed for first timers in mind. I write about travel destinations and the people I meet along the way. In 2022, Chef Mitchell became the first Black chef to lead a Michelin star restaurant in New York City and the second in the country to run a restaurant that has earned a Michelin Star. Report inappropriate content 1-5 of 5 replies Sorted by 1 dmjwineworks Bordeaux, France Level Contributor 1,516 posts 1. It is . Who Will Take The Crown? Michelin-star restaurants are famous in Unites states, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, etc.if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[250,250],'theholidaystory_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_1',629,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-theholidaystory_com-medrectangle-4-0'); Men have usually expected in business formal or cocktail attire in these settings. Besides the two 3-star restaurants that have been downgraded, five 2 . 62 reviews. What to expect when dining at a Michelin starred restaurant, The Real Willy Wonka: A Trip To Maison Cailler, The ultimate nature retreat: welcome to Milford Sound Lodge, The Most Beautiful National Parks in Western Canada, Canada Unlocked: An Interview with Travelling Concierge Andrea Dionne, 7 ways Luxury Gold makes your travel experience completely stress free, Five Exclusive Experiences with Luxury Gold, Uncovering Indigenous history with Canadas Warrior Women, Meet the female riders of Jaipurs Pink City Rickshaw Company. Why Did Graham Elliot Close His Restaurants? You should always tip your server 15-20% of the total bill, unless there is a service charge included. As a prestigious recognition, fewer than 3,000 restaurants have received Michelin notoriety. Your waiter will fill your glass, replace your napkin should you step away, and probably clean the crumbs from the table at the end of the meal. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. I then asked . Unlike other restaurant recognitions, Michelin stars are awarded for the food only. If youre not sure what the dress code is at a particular restaurant, its always best to ask in advance. Vegetarian, vegan and glutenfree choices will probably be indicated on the menu, as restaurants, including Michelinstarred, adapt to specific dietary requirements. For women, a dress or skirt and blouse are appropriate. The tasting menu is meant for the entire party seated at the table. From impeccable flavors to refined interiors, these restaurants usually have a formal vibe that demands formal attire from their guests. Bib Gourmand. Michelin star restaurants are some of the most coveted dining experiences in the world. One can keep Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) by their side in case of extreme dehydration. The proper attire is required when dining in a Michelin-starred restaurant. A meal at a Michelin restaurant is an experience to remember. My michelin-starred mate would gift me a hefty clip round the back of his head if I didnt tip his staff; he has a saut pan. The waiters are taught the first day they are here how to read a table, depending on how many times theyve been and the preferences of each guest, Buckley said. The pandemic has forced everyone to stay put this year, leaving travelers with an unsatisfied urge to experience something new in 2020. Even though it may cause significant changes in the trajectory of a restaurant, you should keep in mind how this will affect your business once it becomes public. Sonja Reid Takes Us Inside the VIP Preview, Gucci GangNia Rene Hill Shares Her Snaps from the One-Night Only Festivities, Why Hollywood Is Suddenly LAs Coolest Neighborhood Again, Rosewood Washington, D.C. Raises the Bar on Capital Style (and Comfort), Peeling Back the Layers In Sorrel's Sweet & Sour Onion, Chet Lo's LondonCalm, Colorful, and Flavorful, Rmy Martin's Latest Cocktails Will Have You Looking Like a Master Mixologist, Inside the CIA Chef Summit Presented by Rmy Martin, Rhude Designer Rhuigi Villaseor on Los Angeles Luxury. Some require jackets for gentlemen.. None has required neck-ties that we have visited. With its foamy head, the Clover Club cocktail is one of the most recognisable drinks. A Michelin spokesperson said in response to queries from Bloomberg News that 27 restaurants around the country will lose stars. One writer discovers a modern version of haute gastronomy. "Smart casual" or "elegant casual" are preferred by many restaurants, but that certainly doesn't mean "casual" in the sense we know it. Report inappropriate content. In short, settle in and relax into a decadent, memorable evening. The kitchen brigades are perfectly able to make up for the lack thereof, but if you really want to shake the chef's hand, inquire in advance if they will be around. This means that youll want to avoid casual clothes like jeans and t-shirts. Discerning diners began to refer to the guide in the 1960s and 70s. For outdoor dining, it is acceptable for men to wear a tank top, but it is not appropriate for women. This means avoiding anything too casual, like denim, and opting for nicer fabrics and silhouettes. The cuisine at this restaurant is inventive and innovative, with a focus on seasonal and fresh ingredients. To be considered for a Michelin star, a Michelin inspector uses the following criteria: The Michelin star awards are issued yearly. Tipping 20% of your bill is an appropriate way to show your appreciation for exceptional service. Some restaurants even post their attire on their website. Business casual attire should consist of a formal jacket with a collar and khakis or button-down shirts underneath. Restaurant style and degree of formality are not considered. What to Wear. Does Texas Have Any Michelin Star Restaurants? is also a great point of contact to share any dietary restrictions with. What is the least popular fast food restaurant? Chefs from coast-to-coast converged to chat about the future of the industry, hospitality, and learn how to make a cocktail or two. Avoid arriving unprepared or you could be in for a surprise; rather, try selecting a restaurant where you want to experience their unique vision. Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid, France, is the second most populous city on the list, after Rgis et Jacques Marcon. Think classic pieces in neutral colors, like a black dress or a tailored suit. More formal dress rangesfrom pantsuits or formal black dresses to sophisticated evening dresses. Many women-led restaurants have received the Michelin star. So that would be another strike against Anon's plans. Heels are a nice touch but not required- flats will be fine as well. The obvious answer is to dress appropriately, but what does that mean? Is it safe to go to restaurants during covid? Men are a bit tricky but I think a nice smart blazer. Seriously, avoid this one. In this series called Star-grazing, The National visits a few of the spots that won stars or were included in the Bib Gourmand category, which is "not quite a star, but most definitely not a consolation prize", according to the guide. Featuring seven classic Nobu dishes, the waiter will walk you through the history of Nobu, explaining each of its classic dishes and recommending sake pairings. Reading the replies, I think I'll go with black pants and nice top which was also acceptable when I visited formal restaurants in various cities. It may be difficult for you to feel at ease if you dress too formally. It's a mushroom-based meat alternative that's getting its launch in restaurants so that chefs can test its versatility. (Robert Johnston), The best finds from the mens fashion sales this week, The best mens suits to buy in the sales right now, The best suits for men: 32 stylish suits for every occasion, What to wear to a wedding as the clued-up guest, The best shirts for men: from classic Oxfords to statement prints, Andrew Garfield is a proper fashion guy now, The best mens necklaces for off-the-chain accessorising, Print copies & Digital access for only 1. At Luxury Gold, its our pleasure to make your next journey extraordinary. Women can wear dresses or skirts with blouses or tops. Items not allowed: While most restaurants allow a simple, smart casual look for dining, you should avoid some outfits in these establishments. Be sure to inform the restaurant of any dietary requirements or intolerances in advance. To earn a Michelin star, restaurants must meet extremely high standards for food quality and innovation. Because of Le Bernardin, it is easy to see why this club has grown to three stars in recent years. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. The most formal while traveling is black pants and a nice top. Avoid overly revealing outfits and stick with classic pieces in neutral colors like black, white, navy blue or gray. Because of the multi-course menu, both the dishes and pours of these pairings will be less than a full main course dish and glass of wine. Keep in mind that youll be dining in an upscale setting, so youll want to avoid anything thats too loud or outrageous. While attire varies from more casual to formal, there are some guidelines you can follow on how to dress for a Michelin star restaurant: Suggested attire for men ranges from business casual dress of a classic button-down shirt to a formal suit. Michelin don’t specify a dress code but each restaurant may. The fact that a restaurant holds Michelin stars doesn't necessarily guarantee that you will like it. Having been awarded a Michelin star is generally regarded as a sign of excellent cuisine and wine served in an elegant setting. 2. A wedge of lime doubles as the spoon for a one-bite prawn ceviche (Dh65 for two pieces), while the kimchi-mayo-infused tuna . A Michelin Star dinner is a unique and special experience, so dressing appropriately is essential. What Should I Wear to a Michelin Star Restaurant? The young talent shares his favorite restaurants and hotels in the Swinging City. Best Life suggests 18% as a standard tip for restaurants with fine dining, anything less, and youll be labeled stingy, whereas anything above 20% is considered stunning. . Don't finish by saying: " I'm Still Hungry". Michelin Star. Can't stomach ties and jackets on holiday! What is your review of Michelin star restaurants in Europe? Michelin has no uniform dress codes, but you can tailor your own. You have shared . 9 years ago Save The restaurant typically charges a service charge on the bill, which is supposed to be discretionary, but I only pay it if the service is excellent or if something else isnt quite right with the food or the service. While dining in a Michelin star restaurant, its always better to stick to a formal dress code and opt for formal trousers and dress pants instead. How to prove food poisoning from a restaurant? If you are planning on dining for lunch, you may want to dress on the more casual side. Photography and travelling have been my passion since my childhood. What Are the Different Types of Salad Dressing? . In fact, out of the thousands of restaurants around the world, only 133 have been awarded 3 Michelin stars. Keep accessories to a minimum so they dont distract from your outfit. What Not To Wear To A Michelin Star Restaurant? There are some incredible restaurants that do not deserve to receive a Michelin star. https://guide.michelin.com/us/en/restaurants/online-reservation. Yes, its that Michelin. So what can you expect, and what should you know before going to get the most out of it? If you plan to eat at a Michelin-starred restaurant, you should dress appropriately. What is the major of hotel and restaurant management? Whats on the second side? Answer: He may be very shy, but Anon asks a good question. If all this sounds like too much attention, consider if you are more comfortable with less 'attentive' service in a more informal environment. Add some glamour with statement jewelry or a pop of color in your accessories. . Not only do they offer exquisite dishes, but they also deliver a unique atmosphere and service that cant be found anywhere else. A tie isn't required. What do you wear to a 3 Michelin-star? It will open a whole new world of whats available., This is a BETA experience. Only 137 restaurants worldwide are currently Michelin certified, and only 2,817 restaurants in the world have that designation. The dress code at these restaurants is usually pretty formal, so youll want to avoid anything thats too casual. The Michelin guide distinguishes stars one through three based on their quality, worth a stop, value for a detour, and exceptional cuisine, which it defines as good cooking, worth a stop, worth a detour, and worth a special journey.. Kitcho Arashiyama in Kyoto costs $543 for a 13-course meal, which includes taxes. And part of that experience is taking your time and savoring each course. What To Expect When You Rent A Car Now (Youll Be Surprised), Star Female Italian Winemaker Shares Her Love For Tuscany, Take It, Easys: A New Speakeasy And Lounge At The Aria In Las Vegas, The Italian Company Offering An Alternative Kind Of Travel, Emirates Airlines Gets Even More Indulgent With Its New Champagne Service, Rixos Introduces A Five Star, All-Inclusive Experience To Abu Dhabi, Eugene Levys Reluctant Traveler, The Beatles Liverpool, Passport Renewal Delays And More. Nobu was groundbreaking when it opened because it was the first casual restaurant of its kind, said Thomas Buckley, Corporate Chef at Nobu Miami. Green star. , we want you to know what to expect at a Michelin star restaurant. The middle range of mens dress includes casual elegant dress of blazers and sport coats. The Right Dress, 15 Best Bay Area Strawberry Picking Farms in California 2023, 13 Best Michelin 3 Star Restaurants in The USA 2023, 12 Best Michelin Starred Restaurants in Lancashire 2023. Your travel concierge is also a great point of contact to share any dietary restrictions with. The Ministry advised consuming beverages like lemon water, buttermilk, lassi and fruit juices. She loves taking walks with her dog - an American Akita she aptly named Hachiko. Opting for something more formal than less formal is always the safest bet! Or, ask your friendly travel concierge. We take into account five universal criteria: the quality of the ingredients, the harmony of flavours, the mastery of techniques, the personality of the chef as expressed through their cuisine and, just as importantly, consistency both across the entire menu and over time. Men should avoid shorts and opt for pants instead. Another option is to use a reservation service like OpenTable or Resy. Manage Settings How to make a restaurant in dragon quest builders 2? Nobu didnt need to be flashy. You don't mention the name of the restaurant but say that it is attached to a hotel, so I'm figuring that you will be dining at either the Cordeillan-Bages in Pauillac or the Hostellerie de Plaisance in Saint-Emilion. about Shroom for Improvement: 'Mamu' is the Meat Alternative with a Twist, about The Rules To Building The Perfect Sandwich, Restaurant Dining Etiquette Around the World, How fish is aged at a top Italian restaurant, The 10 best mixers for your rum cocktails, How to easily cut, slice and eat a papaya. With several. Is there a pressing reason to go back? Alternatively, you may use, The Originals Access Hotel le Bordeaux Lac, Kyriad Hotel Les 4 Pavillons - Bordeaux Lormont. The waiter/waitress will be 'around' behind you, in front of you and beside you. 3. One interesting approach is to take some of your saved travel funds and put them towards a special-occasion-type experience, perhaps a private tour of a local museum, or having a private chef come into your home. This is a pinnacle of achievement; it is only given to the best of the best, and it is proof that these restaurants serve the best food possible. I have dined at Cordelian Bages wearing a blue blazer, lightweight long trousers, but no tie. Last Updated on October 4, 2022 by Lauren Beck. Can You Become A MasterChef Multiple Times? Cookbook', Not Just Wine: Unconventional Food and Drink Pairings. Heels are a nice touch but not required- flats will be fine as well. There is no reason to feel stupid asking questions request additional information and get interested in the menu.
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