Technology Solutions

Drive Innovation & Transformation across IT, Digital & Cloud

Transforming businesses in today's digital world take more than technology. It takes people, processes, and data working together, using innovative technology tools. We help you to drive your technology operations to unlock new business opportunities and revenue streams.

Digital Experience


We ignite digital innovation for your organization by leveraging our custom-built frameworks and digital-tech accelerators to deliver an invaluable user experience for your customers across the digital touch points. Fuel your digital products with our leading-edge technology, expertise, and talent to delight your digital customers.

Cloud Enablement

We will stir your cloud strategy, migration and adoption, so you can reap the rewards of cloud-innovation. We have deep industry-specific experience in the cloud - from applications to networks to security to help you gauge the cloud landscape and avoid pitfalls. Our bespoke cloud services ignite new business agility into your overall cloud strategy.


Data Analytics & Insights


ACI GBS Analytics & Insights platform simplifies business intelligence (BI) for enterprises who struggle to make sense of large and scattered data by providing a complete solution for preparing, analyzing and visualizing complex datasets. We create a competitive edge by harnessing unstructured data from different sources like photos, videos, media, e-mail, social feeds, blogs, GPS data, appliance sensors, and text messages to make business-informed decisions.

Technology Operations

Our state-of-the-art technology labs help businesses to fine-tune technology strategy to build a sustainable and seamless approach for aligning IT to the evolving digital needs of the business. Our deep domain expertise in enterprise IT management helps you calibrate your IT operations to your business goals so they work in harmony.

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